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Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

Just like Paula Cole wonders where the cowboys have gone, I’m wondering where my inspiration has gone.  For days I have been sitting, thinking about why I have no idea what to write for my next blog post.  There are no new ideas coming to me; no inspiration plaguing my thoughts.  But I think I have finally found the answer; it’s because I have been surrounded by things that are so completely and utterly UN-inspirational.  Style has taken a turn for the…..interesting.  Everyone’s style nowadays is so “unique” that it has actually become “trendy.” Does this make any sense?  Obviously it does.  We see it every day.  Either way, I’m finding no inspiration in the clothing items I see lately.  That weird skirt where it’s short in the front and long in the back…what’s the name?  I don’t even remember - ew.  Huge platform heels - ew and uncomfortable. Colorblocking & Neon - EXTREMELY AWESOME (but I have worn out the topic).  And the list goes on.  And what I absolutely cannot understand is when a designer “creates” something so….simple and makes millions off of it.  For $400 I prefer glamour, I prefer weird, I prefer exciting, unique and wild……a fashion statement.  How do people fall into the trend of buying a simple t-shirt for $400?  Is it JUST so you can tell someone you got it from a designer name?  Something that is useful and cool and unique to your style; yes I can understand dropping that much if it means that much to you.  But a simple pair of jeans for $400?  It just makes no sense and is a let down.  I find that my inspiration comes from the AFFORDABLE yet unique items I stumble upon while perusing that make me feel happy and like I’ve found a special treasure.  Not something expensive and really effing cool - because then I get depressed because I can’t fucking buy it!  So where has all of this affordable yet unique shit gone?  Maybe I’m not looking in the right places….but I’m also just not sure where to begin.  Let the hunt ensue.  NYC I’m about to discover the shit out of you.

Paula wants to know where the effing cowboys went.  Can you help her find them dammit!? …Thanks.

"Fashion's fade, style is eternal."

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