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Unique Clothes = Uniqlo

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the position I interviewed for at Uniqlo.  Oh well, life goes on.  Although I may be bitter, I have to plug them in this blog post because the ad they showed during the interview was too good to not share.  I absolutely love all the colors of the jeans and want every single pair, especially the sea foam green ones I’m seeing in the top left.  You know me, I’m all about color - so they definitely did a good job appealing to me, at least.  I’m also a fan of the men in these styles.  Way to go, Uniqlo, for subtly showing men they can pull off things they never thought imaginable.  As always, if you want to try a crazy trend but aren’t too sure of yourself, pair it with something simple and plain, such as the white tee the models are wearing paired with the bright jeans.  Like Outkast says, this look is just so fresh and so clean, clean.


"Fashion's fade, style is eternal."

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